Managers Turning?

Well well well it would seem certain managers Pep/Poch/Mourino have started to speak out about so called players being tired and have said it is nonsense have they like supporters finally heard enough of this nonsense from players?.
Like many other fans we always say that they are trained all week and should be fit enough to play twice a week if not some of them have serious medical problems! but now that there bosses are speaking out about it I wonder how these overpaid show ponies will react

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wenger's gone so people are finally seeing the truth. that tosser was king of the 'too much football, christmas break' crap.

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Who is old enough to remember squads of 13 playing 60 odd games a season on a diet of beer and fags for peanuts, when men were men playing a mans game, todays namby pambies will get short shrift from me.

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Agree totally Del!!

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