Sadly, your entering my world......

And so it begins. I'm a few hours time a lady drawn by Quentin Blake will be confirmed overlord for the foreseeable. Lots of posturing and sound bites. Much like many of us have seen before. But little will change (although you think it might).
What of the new world. I'm afraid, L&G's, your entering my world. It's a scary landscape let me tell you. As someone who has struggled with addiction for many years, it's a painful tale of highs (few) and lows (lots).
Drugs make it Impossible to work out reality from fantasy. Even without using, I'm now experiencing this! Oh irony you teasing bedfellow.
Trump. Wow. They managed it there.
People being blown up in pop concerts, driven off bridges, stabbed in markets and restaurants. Apparently this is reality. Give me the drugs!
Well, those of us that continue to pull up our socks have to find a path. Our fear it's one with much uncertainty.
How to counter? Obviously the cowardly way is drugs or drug or whatever the poison that allows you to escape ownership, drift and remind yourself of a eutopia that never really existed....or did it?
I'm fearful of the terrorists we've helped breed and dragged from stones, I'm fearful of the extreme intolerant right who know only one way to counter. I'm fearful of the internet that has created 65m soapboxes, all of whom are right. I'm fearful of the speed of vitriol that can be spewed upon people in seconds. I'm fearful of how many people walk along with the eyes glued to a plastic box in their hand.
But hey, chin up. We've signed a decent right back.
And remember. This isn't reality. Its all a dream.
I'm the king and your all inserting flumps in my
Anus whilst I fellate Katie Hopkins. Too far? We haven't even begun L&G....

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You'll be ok DH keep taking the drugs and carry on

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Burkie 1

We wouldnt have it any other way!!

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Fellating Katie Hopkins. Should have its own describing word... I suggest 'Kopkins'

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Next season a must mate

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Or woe, as the case may be. No one I know can put the surreality of our reality so well, candyman. May the Forms be with you.

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some where in this metropolis a queen has gone to ground,
some where in this cold wilderness, there lies a king without his crown,
every body's leaving town!

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Now theres a place! I remember telling a mate to shut up as he was arguing with one of the doorman that I recognised immediately, the twat was getting cocky with a Mr McKenzie, aka ex=World boxing champion lol

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Weirdly interesting dh

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