If only the F.A.'s across Europe had the balls

So project big picture did not work for the bindippers and Manure so now the threat of a European super league involving the so called "Elite" of European football in a closed shop.

Go ahead i say but understand you are no longer part of your countries domestic leagues which will continue fine without you and the champions league and euro cup will continue just have better fan orientated clubs with better atmosphere.

The only losers will be the Fans of these so called Elite clubs who do not want such a thing but owners just don't care and seem to think they will be the only show in town and make a lot of money(all they care about)through tv rights and initially they may but it will soon dry up once the competition becomes stale and repetitive whilst the domestic leagues will thrive.

Football is not about the so called Elite it is about every club because to the fans of every single club in Europe and across the world your club is what matters and so what if Real Madrid are playing Manure on a tuesday night in the all singing and dancing European closed shop league i'm going out to watch my own team because they matter to me not some money grabbing greedy billionaire owners team who seem to think they no what we want when it comes to football.

So i hope U.E.F.A have the balls to say you can do that but we will still have our euro comps you feel you have grown out of and every F.A. across the continent get together and as i stated earlier tell these clubs once you go there is no coming back.

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loads of money is what they want and bugger the fans,once out no way back

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Would love to see this happen, for it to fail then welcome those clubs back with the understanding that league 2 is where they start!

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they won’t

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like to see that happen and fail as you say m2c they just have ideas above their station and think they are so superior to every one else and the hole football world revolves round them

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