Will Moyes Recall Oxford From Borussia Mönchengladbach?

Reece Oxford started his FIRST match for Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Bundesliga, the West Ham starlet went on loan to the German club for twelve months with the possibility of a further twelve months if all parties agreed. The idea was to give Oxford plenty of competitive football but away from the glare of the UK, and despite the coach at Borussia saying how pleased they are with the England U-19 player even intimating that they would like the loan to be turned into a permanent deal, the fact is that the young Hammer is not getting any game time!

While the exact terms of the loan deal are not in the public domain it should be assumed that there must be some form of re-call available, otherwise why send one of your best prospects, in fact some say West Ham's best prospect for the future, off to a club that doesn't play him but appear to want to 'nick him' on the cheap? While Reece is bench warming other young Hammers are racing past him in their development, players like Tony Martinez, Domingo Quina and Declan Rice have already found themselves in contention for a starting berth, additionally fringe players like 'King' Authur Masuaku have been selected recently.

With virtually a game every three days for the next month, a schedule that began with the inspired victory over Chelsea and continues with tonight's game against more London rivals Arsenal, David Moyes is going to need all the players at his disposal and a couple more as he has hinted at, including Arsenal's soon to be out of contract England international Jack Wilshere. With the current valuation of in demand players going through the roof how much could Reece Oxford be worth?

It should be remembered that West Ham United shot themselves in both feet during last January's transfer window by splashing out in excess of £20 Million and combined wages of over £150,000 per week to bring in the incredibly unfit Robert Snodgrass and the ageing Jose Fonte, both on three year deals! Co-owner David Sullivan has already publicly stated that he regrets doing the deals, by doing so he has managed to totally alienate the injured Fonte and further disenfranchised Snodgrass who has already made a comprehensive job of burning his West Ham bridge by his public criticism of the club.

When David Moyes looks at who is available, and there has been plenty of speculation with regards to which positions that he thinks need strengthening, surely he must be looking to the availability of Oxford? The loan deal that took him to Germany can't possibly be so one sided that Hammers' can't recall their player given that he has hardly played at all. The only tangible reason for not recalling him IS his lack of game time at Borussia Mönchengladbach, other than that Reece Oxford could really help make up the numbers while also getting his career back on track.

Unlike the affable but sometimes very confusing Slaven Billic, David Moyes has a track record for bringing young players through the ranks and it is to be hoped that Reece Oxford will be joining them sooner rather than later, his main claim to fame being for the incredible performance that he put in against tonight's opponents two and a half years ago! - Ed



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Banging the Reece Oxford drum. One decent game against an Arsenal side that didn't turn up, Hardly played again for West Ham. 5 games at Reading on a year long loan and 2 games in Germany after being farmed out yet again. Doesn't that tell anyone anything?

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but... hardly had a run out at Monchen gladbags but German mates say recently he has been impressive in a poor team. I think the few occasions at Reading he was played at right back... so not really a clear opportunity.

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What's that free advertising hijacker nev.

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Like to know what the terms of the loan is an I bet that they are if you don't play Oxford in the 1st team then WHU can ask him to be returned to the parent club so they play him once and say they would like to keep him on a permanent but of course they won't do this until after the end of the season and come February he will be back on the bench again, they are just covering there arse, not even G&S are that naive. Come back to WHU cos you are gonna get shafted over in Germany

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