El Pel has to go

Winterthur 3 west ham 2...what a disgrace hang our heads in shame thought a new era had arrived but same old west ham...Pel has to go he's tactically naïve and our defence has not improved one iota...get him out:-)

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yes I agree. hes got a 100 percent losing record. worse than moyes ffs.

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Who's go in to be the first man to sign the petition and venture onto the pitch

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Burkie 1

Any report on the game? I hear young Andy scored, he's got to be one to watch for the future.

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Can anyone tell me if this is the first time Carroll started our pre season since being here. Or does it just seem it?

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who is this player you have mentioned Red neck?

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Not sure Mac, just heard he is like a new signing. So maybe something to do with pellegrini

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